BioLogic Expands iPhone Cycle Computer Universe

New hardware and software transform the iPhone into a powerful GPS cycle computer

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Friedrichshafen, Germany — September 1, 2011 — BioLogic, a leading supplier of urban cycling gear, today continued to grow the iPhone as cycle computer ecosystem with the announcement of several new products. The products include a major update to the top-rated BikeBrain iPhone cycling application as well as an iPhone case with integrated battery.

“The iPhone benefits from phenomenal economies of scale in hardware and software,” stated Kevin Chan, BioLogic product manager. “It is an incredible foundation to build on and it’s been exciting turning such a widely adopted product as the iPhone into the ultimate cycling computer. Designing iPhone applications and accessories requires an entirely new level of ‘fast’ when it comes to product cycles.”

Available in the Apple App Store now is a major new update to BioLogic BikeBrain, the popular iPhone cycling app that has been downloaded by over 50,000 people in the four months since its release in April.

“BikeBrain has been one of the most popular iPhone apps in the Germanic markets, even reaching the #1 position in Sports apps in Germany, Austria and Switzerland,” stated Stewart Clarke, BikeBrain project manager. “We’ve gotten a lot of demand for a German localized version so we thought Eurobike would be a fitting place to officially launch BikeBrain 1.2, with German localization among many other new features.”

The update also includes high contrast screens for better visibility in bright sunlight, new altitude graphs, auto-pause, and separate timers for time spent riding and resting – so you can see a breakdown of how much the morning coffee or red light adds to your total commute time.

BikeBrain is available as a free download in the App Store. German localization, high contrast screens, and altitude graphs are available as a US$1.99 in-app upgrade to BikeBrain Plus.

“It takes a lot more than just an iPhone app to make the iPhone a useful cycling computer,” continued Kevin Chan. “You have to have the hardware and we’ve been hard at work on that side as well.”

ReeCharge Case
The ReeCharge Case is a rugged, fully-enclosed iPhone case with integrated battery that protects an iPhone from weather, shock, sweat, and road grime. A touch-sensitive membrane allows complete access to iPhone functions. The integrated lithium-polymer battery doubles battery life — especially useful when using power-hungry GPS applications. Equipped with rugged protection and extra power, the ReeCharge case is ideal for outdoor adventures: in the saddle, on the trail, or on the slopes. “Made for iPhone” certified. MSRP: US$99/€99

ReeCharge Case Bracket
The ReeCharge Case Bracket mounts the ReeCharge Case onto most any vehicle with handlebars, stem or railing up to 40 mm in diameter, including bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, golf carts, and boats. Heavy-duty thumbscrews keep the case securely mounted on even the roughest roads. MSRP: US$20/€20

ReeCharge™ Dynamo Kit
Bicycle hub dynamos are the perfect source of green power — a generator embedded in the hub produces electricity while riding. When used with a ReeCharge Case and Bracket, the ReeCharge Dynamo Kit takes the power from a hub dynamo to charge an iPhone. BaseCharge technology runs the charging cable directly into the Case Bracket, so there’s no fiddling with any cables to take the ReeCharge Case on and off a bike. It’s perfect for long tours where cyclists need to keep their phones and other gadgets charged. A power converter with safety circuit conditions the power to protect the ReeCharge Case and iPhone battery from surges. MSRP: US$25/€25

Cipher Cycling Gloves
Cipher cycling gloves have a layer of 3M conductive fabric on the forefinger and thumb so cyclists can have the same access to their iPhone even when the weather is cold enough to require gloves. The gloves are designed for urban commuting — the soft shell fabric is wind resistant and warm, yet stretches for outstanding comfort. The styling is understated so the gloves pair as well with a blazer as with lycra. MSRP: US$35/€35

“When you combine our new hardware, with our BikeBrain software, then you’ve truly morphed an iPhone into an incredibly powerful cycle computer,” concluded Chan. “Most exciting for me personally is the Dynamo Kit which lets you charge your iPhone from a dynamo hub — so you can give your iPhone a quick top up charge any time you ride.”

All products are now shipping worldwide.

BikeBrain is available for download free from the App Store:

Video introducing BikeBrain and BikeBrain Plus: